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200 million tenants may be concern: contract should commission due?

Date: 2019-05-05

Institutions, according to the Chinese people that rent a house close to 200 million people.Professional real estate brokerage agencies through intermediary services, let the landlord and tenant quickly match, increasingly become the main trade form of rental market.Intermediary transaction, cost, and therefore need to charge a commission or brokerage fee to the tenant.

But in some transactions, tenant sign a rental contract, you need to pay a commission to the real estate brokerage company, widely criticized.The personage inside course of study points out that the contract intermediary industry has been in a grey zone, without providing new services, agency should not be charged again.Rent the apartment for every year of service, also have the suspicion of a fine line, without additional compulsory consumption problem.

01 to renew once, pay a commission

Giardina mg (a pseudonym) in October 2017 by a real estate brokerage company rented a room of xicheng district of Beijing, the price is 2400 yuan/month, according to the contract, giardina mg need to pay 2400 yuan to the mediation, as well as a rental as intermediary fee.Giardina mg, according to the latitude and longitude of new intermediaries to release information, see the house and transaction, tenant shall pay the intermediary fee, nothing wrong.

According to the contract, however, when the lease term expires, party b (tenant) continue to lease, need again to party c (real estate brokerage company) pay for the new contract of commission.In October 2018 to renew rental contract, real estate agents will rent jumped to 3100 yuan/month, giardina mg need to pay the intermediary service fees for 3100 yuan.Giardina mg, according to the real estate agent is not how much cost in the second year, will receive money, once again feel some losses.But don't want to move out of her, had to allow.

Giardina mg rent here for more than a year, real estate agent does not provide many services, in addition to the water pipe is leaking, the toilet jams, mediation to two or three times, the other is not responsible for.According to the contract, in addition to the rent, such as utilities, heating, TV licence fee and other fees, have agreed to the tenant and the landlord respectively, as for the "housing maintenance and repair", is also the responsibility of the tenant and the landlord.

Also live in xicheng district of Beijing Hans zhang (not his real name), in June of 2018 through a large real estate brokerage company looking for a house, intermediary agency fee is also a month's rent, which is 2800 yuan.Hans zhang, said real estate broker company only responsible for contributing to the tenant and the landlord sign a contract, after living in, require tenants to discuss directly with the landlord.Although not stipulated in the contract renewal and whether to pay the intermediary fee, but he said intermediary personnel had verbally said, renewal and also want to pay the fee.

In recent years, some big cities gradually the rent the apartment, such as eggshell apartment, etc, will be BaoJieFei, broadband, maintenance and other packaged into unified service, whether it's the first year or after signing contract, service charge will be pay, amount is roughly equivalent to one month's rent.

A rent the apartment tenants Zhao Shu (a pseudonym) said that she now rent 1500 yuan/month, a year of service fee is 1100 yuan, service charge included exclusive butler, cleaning services, maintenance services, customer service telephone, free WIFI, etc."Service charge is often used in projects, that is, free WIFI and double duke of common area cleaning, a year more than 1000 yuan to buy these services, and not very values."Zhao Shu said.

Zhao Shu, however, said to the new thread, apartment has, after all, also provides the service, than what all don't provide, will pay the commission contract, or easy to accept.

02 grey area renewal fees in the industry?

New fabric contact recently in the name of the rent the house property intermediary platform staff.I love my family, a real estate agent, said they combine and ordinary rental housing platform now has two kinds of products.Phase is rent the apartment type of housing, a service charge of 10% of the monthly rent every month, provide double Zhou Baojie, free WIFI, etc.Average rental housing is the tenant and the landlord sign the contract, I love my home intermediary fees charged for a month's rent, do not provide other services.

For the average rental housing lease whether charge agency fees, when the agent has no positive response, just say "you look at the house, which we can talk about".Another I love my family's agent said on the phone: "sign a contract, you collect money at a time.If you can stay, it is recommended that a signed two or three years."

Of zhengzhou city, henan province, but an HOME LINK agent for new fabric, zhengzhou area renewal and basically have no renewal fees.In general, for the first time after signing, landlord and tenant is established, if the tenant want to renew the contract, will sign the contract directly with the landlord, is no way to do with real estate brokerage company.

Centaline property, chief analyst at publicizes great thought, there are some landlords will entrust house long-term real estate brokerage firm management and tenants want to renew the contract, don't contact the landlord, can only find agent.In this case, the tenant may be closed again intermediary.Will house long managed to more and more real estate agents, also left a space to intermediary irregularities.

China's real estate brokerage trade union chairman Hu Jinghui analyzing new fabric, lease contract, mediation does not provide a new service, intermediary fees charged is not reasonable.He said: "gray area renewal intermediary fee is in an industry, the tenant should pay is not very clear.Encountered do not understand the tenant, real estate agents will rightfully to charge;Encountered a strong point of tenant, can't charge or collect, discount and discount strength, some can play 5 discount."

As to rent the apartment service charge, publicizes great, according to their unequal charge standard and quality of service, service charge is more like a disguised a commission, have the suspicion of side-door.At the same time, these services are tenants can't choose, can't refuse, belong to additional consumption.

Publicizes great latitude and longitude of china-singapore said the rental business is specified, the real estate brokerage company or eat post, or commission, but not both.In a strict sense, long rent apartments both fee is problematic.

03 insiders suggest should be standard

Renewal fees has been around for years, has been a lot of complaints.The new fabric in weibo, zhihu, post bar, he saw many netizens reflect this problem, except for a few small intermediary company, many large real estate brokerage company is also on the list of complaints.

Beijing urban commission and other departments in 2013 issued by the Beijing real estate brokerage management way "(draft) is put forward, the same leasing contract between the two sides in the cases of house lease brokerage business, real estate brokerage agencies may not subcontract it again to a commission.However, the measures for the management of official documents has not been issued.

Hu Jinghui thinks, relevant departments should be clear, in the absence of peer services, contract intermediary fees charged by the brokerage firms cannot.Ban renewal fees, the difficulty is not large, relevant departments shall be effective audit.Rent the apartment on the service charge is no industry standard, at the same time of strengthening specification, also want to ensure that the tenant's right to know and option, not sold.

In fact, contract intermediary fees charged by the ban, the impact on the real estate brokerage company is not big.Hu Jinghui said, rent of liquidity is very big, in 3 years, 5 years in less rent tenants, renewal of around 30%.Real estate brokerage company collect contract intermediary costs not much, in the whole revenue agency may not exceed 5%.Even if cancelled, less impact on their.