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Shanghai South China Harbour View Hotel (Bay Building) is located on Huangpu Road, near Tiansong Road, with convenient transportation and excellent location.

Shanghai South China Harbour View Hotel (Bay Building) is the ninth boutique business hotel under the Shenzhen Zhongnan Haibin Hotel Management Co., Ltd., one of the top ten hotel management companies in China. The hotel brand is based on the new concept of creating green, environmental protection and energy saving. Lord, in the interior design of the hotel, we strive to pursue a unique, energetic, vibrant and modern sense to meet the physical and mental needs of modern business people and trend-conscious leisure travelers. It also looks to those business guests who seek individuality and authentic experience, and provides them with a living experience that blends local history, culture and natural elements.

As a hotel on the banks of the Huangpu River, Shanghai Bund Zhongnan Waterfront Hotel not only enjoys the beautiful scenery of traditional and modern culture on both sides of the Pujiang River, but also provides guests with a high-end boutique business hotel accommodation experience, emphasizing easy-going and intimate services, reflecting the local culture Personalized design and provide customers with a true experience of the fusion of old and new in Shanghai today.
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  • yuan11388448
    All right
  • Beast Choi
    Nice, rooms are a little small at this location is fine! satisfaction
  • jefesu
    New hotel, very clean
  • liyan0223
    It's OK
  • e00138550
    Huangpu River can be seen, it was very good.
  • e00603804
    Hotel location is good, around are is history building, out hotel walk several minutes on to has Bund, is convenient. Riverview luxury room vision very better, River on both sides of glance, landscape atmosphere. room style modern simple elegant, health conditions is good, very satisfaction. breakfast restaurant also has is good of landscape, dish products content also also rich. staying Shi waiting has while, slightly has ointment. family are is satisfaction, next also will live.
  • dada81524
    23/f, look out the scenery was great breakfast is too little content
  • flora670801
    Lobby is a little small, the waiter didn't smile
  • sxlllll
    Location poor Hotel Shuttle, access points, but returned to the airport only to around 12 points good desert, with no restaurant, hotel decoration, even mad all the food the hotel front desk staff not people, but slowly, and complexion, smiles all. full blocks west. Room is old, bad TOILET doors to really think to live near to facilitate transit, Li d, but the end is not convenient
  • PC Sweet
    Brother brother advertising style of trance and national defense building
  • carolf981
    Nice location, easy to go to the Bund and City God Temple
  • adam001
    Very good, thank you
  • fuxiao1982
    Location was good, next to the garden bridge, only five minutes walk to the Bund, the recommended
  • aladdin
    I can't really say the five-star hotel, the room facilities and leisure facilities, bathroom was very clean, the best breakfast, waterfront buffet, the scenery is great and delicious
  • Brio722
    Location is good, room is very big! next time will come.
  • aiwei99
    It wasn't too bad
  • lisali20082003
    Was disappointed, also because it is the relationship between weather, book one of the floors but others admitted to the said upgrade for us, Yes, but the price of the hotel, the health is really cleaner than regular or not, see some bad reviews on the Internet before, I really wanted to come to the meeting is so poor,
  • BillTravel
    Very good, the next time you travel preferred
    Stores are basically the same as 7 days
  • e00013883
    Notwithstanding such as usual, no highlights and there no disadvantages
  • Jestine
    Good location, room facilities, Riverview room with great view
  • xiao4mao
    Very close to the Bund, the surrounding environment good, worthy of recommendation.
  • is1984
    Second stay at is entirely due to the better service for the first time, but this time sucks
  • anyone789
    Very close to the Bund, and naozhongqujing
  • cassnude
    From the waibaidu bridge close, the Bund is not too far away, about ten minutes walk, nice hotel with breakfast can also?
  • cyw4585
    Hotel was good, location is near the Bund, and later to stay
  • Daniel0518
    It's not bad
  • fbiico
    Ideally, this is probably the biggest advantages. There is a smell of smoke in the room.
  • lnsywlj
    Good location, very convenient to the Bund. is next to the Baidu bridge. service attitude is good, quiet and clean. recommended.
  • babecrystal
    Room a bit small
  • bingbingma
    Good location, quiet. very nice hotel.
  • guanmeng
    In General feels fine, breakfast is not good enough, too few optional, rooms clean, from commercial areas, walk a little distance.
  • smilecow
    City view the waibaidu bridge and Suzhou Creek, at night is beautiful, there are fruits in the afternoon nice ... tried to introduce to colleagues around, every time I'm optimizing.
  • Erinnn
    Good, service very good, excellent
  • fliajiu
    Exists in name only the coffee shop in the lobby, a juice half., 15/f, the waiter like an idiot. positioning card where I can not find the restaurant phone don't know. There is no training! management is very problematic.
  • e00707923
    Really good breakfast, very close to the Bund, ... is the front desk people are slow to handle
  • xiaoxia22117
    Well, well, it is value for money was good!
  • e03548994
    I booked a superior big bed room, booking hotels then I saw this room was showing big and high ratings, not so good in the end, such as did not show as much of the room, breakfast is not good.
  • andy163163
    Hotel facilities very good River view room night scenery pretty woman is worth a stay
  • yono725
    Back to the hotel late in the evening to turn off the light but the window is still in a good mood in the morning very good view great breakfast is also very good unfortunately from the attractions are very close to the bar staff super bad
  • ell415
    A very good environment and convenient transportation, restaurant is nice, you can see the Huangpu River
  • carolynl
    Feel is very general.
  • Doris Liang
    Not far from the hotel on the waibaidu bridge. River view rooms also. Riverview Restaurant very good. for business, holiday is quite a choice of affordable
  • e01305117
    And we think it's great
  • lijian1226
    In General, very poor service
  • d01026440
    Hotels in Nice from very close to the Bund. service attitude is good, because in a hurry use the computer to send a message, service satisfaction, and no charge, quite pleased with, next time. recommendation
  • anaya
    Well, the room was large, very clean! window you can see the Huangpu River
  • sungors
    Living in this quiet, was very close to surrounding attractions in Shanghai, walking can be to, walk 15 minutes from tiantong Road station, take a taxi 14 will not meter. the hotel staff very good, to the Bund which is a good choice.
  • sony0627
    Very dissatisfied!! whole building said there was no air conditioning! said the property stopped air conditioning! night hot to death! don't want to go back to the hotel! because it was too stuffy! call front desk, front desk say sorry without air conditioning in the entire hotel! Buffet breakfast variety, do not know why this hotel are foreigners, very few Chinese tourists than foreign tourists! and the quilt is very dirty! comes with bed sheets or how to fall asleep!
  • atian
    City view noisy