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Guang-yuan mar: China's economy will have three big bonuses of hotel industry in eight big opportunities

Date: 2018-12-17

On December 14th - 16th, 2019 platinum tao hotel strong fashion week in shenzhen joy coast, as one of the important link, in order to "unbounded win-win, reconstructing the commercial value of the asset" as the theme of the large investment tasting was held on December 15.Well-known financial higher-ups and from hotel, apartment, co-working, real estate and other professionals in the field of together, to explore the way of business assets value-added.Among them, the famous economist guang-yuan mar made "economic trends and opportunities in the hospitality industry in China" the theme of the share.

Famous economist, economics, industry economics postdoctoral guang-yuan mar

"Bad do not represent potential bad shape"

"A lot of experts to confuse and potential.Think that today's China's economic situation is not good, but do not represent potential.To see China's economy from different dimensions, the chance to make money and there are many, tuyere is ubiquitous."Look in guang-yuan mar, forecast for China's economy, one of the best indicators is to look at the consumption field, such as mobile phones and cars, rather than a similar economic indicators for the stock.

"40 years of reform and opening-up, China's economy has experienced four challenges.Deal with three times before the crisis as a result, China's economy has realized the tiny rebound - China's economy has not a problem, instead of "ushered in the new development opportunity.Guang-yuan mar, points out some errors in the China's economic development situation of forecast, in fact, with China's economic structural adjustment, we still have a lot of investment opportunities.In 2019 with the rectification of national policy, China's economy is still worth looking forward to.

Three big bonuses: middle, consumption, city

"The next 30 years, China's largest three big bonus is middle, consumption and the city."Guang-yuan mar to predict the future development trend of China's economy.

The development of China's economic future will largely derived from the rise of the middle class, is expected in 2025 China's middle will break through 800 million, they will become a "new era of consumer" important strength.The next 20 years, China is one of the largest tuyere consumption, consumption will lead to all industry forward, still a lot of opportunities.Around the new consumption derived industry and upgrading of consumption opportunities, build is still "rich" area of focus.Among them, the service consumption accounted for 40% of the whole consumption, in "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" period to reach 50%.Here are special instructions, the hospitality industry instead of real estate services.

Ma Guang long investment tasting the scene said that from the point of China's urbanization development in recent years, the future more development opportunities will appear in the second-tier cities like wuhan, xi 'an.To this, the real estate industry in the "risk at both ends, the opportunities in the middle" of the status quo.Similar logic for the hotel industry, hotel in the future potential is unlimited, represented by platinum tao hotel companies will be crucial in the layout of the mid-market.

Chain of hotel will become the mainstream

In this context, China's hotel industry opportunities in where?

From the point of view, in mature markets, greatly enhance the hotel market concentration.The U.S. hotel industry CR5 reached 95%, while China CR5 is only 51%, improve the space is huge.In addition, the high end demand is still strong, but the supply;In the domestic hotel accounted for about 34%.

Is expected to be converted into the future, the domestic hotel industry structure is featured, chain brand hotel in proportion will gradually to 40%, is expected to reach the level for a long time.Now, hotel chain rate of just over 20% in the end, the future chaining will become the main path of China's hotel industry expansion, chain hotel will gradually become the mainstream in the end.At the same time, the brand value, still have to focus on the brand hotel industry development.

The hotel industry "eight big trend" and the transformation direction in the future

Guang-yuan mar believes that the future of China's hotel industry there are eight major trends: with the rise of China's leisure tourism, hotel growth in the number of cycle is not over, the ceiling of the hotel industry is far from coming.With the rise of the middle class in China, the hotel will still become the main growth point of the future;With the expansion of Internet +, the hotel industry in the big data and the application of the Internet will be more widely;Hotel industry's business model and profit model will be disruptive change, free hotel age is not a dream;Shared hotel is bound to come;The hotel is the most important competitive experience;Hotel cross-border becomes a trend;Hotel industry new gameplay remains a matter of digging.

Under this trend, the hotel industry must change their thinking direction, personalization, customization, chain is an irreversible trend in the hotel industry in the future.Hotel industry to reconstruct the value chain, on the whole ecosystem, the whole chain, all channels to keep innovation;To grasp the "Internet +" to the opportunities brought by the hotel industry;We must change thinking active, adapt to China's economy a new cycle;The great historical opportunity, to seize the Chinese consumption upgrade hotel industry transition.