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Shanghai hotel 'pit' jie mystery interior fine decoration supporting construction way

Date: 2018-07-30

Recently, the Shanghai "pit hotel" jie mystery, form a complete set of interior fine decoration construction intense!Hundreds of builders fight against the high temperature heat on the line, the construction site for internal decoration, landscaping planting, such as the pit wall construction later construction.
High-profile pit hotel Shanghai, after more than 10 years of planning, design, construction, the "hanging" the design of the main architecture of the pit wall construction, overcome a series of world-class architecture technical problem, patent nearly 40 items.Finally uncovered the mysterious veil, show.
Shimao pit hotel planning for 2 floors above the ground plane, ground plane under 16 layer (layer below the surface of the two), and there are 336 (sets) rooms, the most attractive is the underwater scene room, guests will be able to see through the window of the room underwater fish swiming, as if place oneself the bottom of the sea.
Underwater two layers of waterproof construction subject construction has been completed, the pit outside the introduction of pit became a new landscape.The future will also through the circulation purification system to ensure quality, ensure the deep bottom of artificial landscape lake water level always stay in the security level.