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Video information services at Shanghai ZhiYi new system build 'hotel services ecological environment'

Date: 2018-04-13

Era development, technology innovation, from all walks of life never stop steps.Also, traditional hotel in step by step toward a new hotel.

ZhiYi information to guest room screen window, will be the most advanced Internet technology combined with hotel operation, enhance the market competitiveness of hotel, hotel operation mode and marketing mode, helps the hotel to maximize marketing.April 26-29, ZhiYi information will be there with a new upgrade video system, appeared in Shanghai international hotel engineering design and products expo site, the comprehensive interpretation hotel screen in pioneering customer channels, increased exposure hotel brand advantage.

The exhibition gathers property in the field of architecture, design, material, industry leader, is intended to make design most cool "April day".As the most professional hotel video platform providers, ZhiYi information together with the other leading industry participants, for the present you display screen system used in hotel, hotel password unlock wisdom.

Exhibition by the Chinese real estate network architect | (hereinafter referred to as: to build network) and Shanghai international exhibition co., LTD. Jointly sponsored bower, the UBM alliance of the group, China's real estate exhibition, real estate design award. Jointly organized by the organizing committee of the Chinese, and obtain the ministry, China architectural culture center, the Australian embassy commercial counsellor's office of multilateral institutions, such as support, the fair has become one of the hotel catering industry exhibition in Asia.In the exhibition, ZhiYi information will show the advanced hotel video system, interprets the hotel time value.

Video broadcast platform for the hotel to provide the IP live streams and DVB - C/TS flow two video broadcast DTMB rf signal solution, ensure smooth high-definition television broadcast, extended television content transmission, at the same time reduce the hotel's signal system overall construction costs.

Entertainment platform using the film and television resources, games, projects make entertainment experience for hotel rooms, make intelligence guest room hotel value-added tools.At the same time, the project content for the hotel to provide the service on a regular basis, to build the hotel exclusive content.

Since the hotel operations management platform for custom boot video, my hotel, scene of marketing operations such as hotel, the propaganda and operate according to the requirements of the hotel display, increase the exposure of the hotel, thus achieve hotel brand publicity and services marketing promotion effect.