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This year the Spring Festival in Shanghai tourism income of 4.941 billion yuan Retail food up 10.4% from a year earlier

Date: 2018-02-23

3.9 million nanjing road shopping
Country park into a new place to go
, according to the statistics from the city tourism holiday seven days in this city a total of 4.43 million person-times of tourists, tourism revenue of 4.941 billion yuan.The city into a holiday monitoring statistics, 135 3.81 million people an accumulative total 7 days tourism scenic spots, the main park visitors touring amount reach to 3.102 million.Among them, each big country parks become the new place for recreation, public visitors 72000 person-time.During the Spring Festival holiday, the bund, nanjing road commercial street, yu garden and the small lujiazui area respectively 1.9 million people an accumulative total, 3.9 million, 1.71 million and 2.26 million.
Strong shopping center
Arranged to delivery to your door
Encounter during the Spring Festival, valentine's day this year "Shanghai spring" more add a romantic.According to city commerce committee sampling survey, the city's 276 retail and catering enterprises during the Spring Festival (February 8 to 21) to achieve sales of 10.79 billion yuan, up 10.4% from a year earlier.Shopping center sales performance, rui rainbow heaven and earth, raffles city sales rose more than 20%.More and more consumers choose them to delivery to your door, jingdong mall, easy fruit fresh sales year-on-year growth of 10.0% and 10.2%.
Citizens of the family in art
150000 people entered the art gallery
During the Spring Festival holiday, the city's art museum opened.Yesterday, reporters learned from municipal culture bureau, about 150000 viewers into the gallery, during Spring Festival year-on-year rise.Among them, to be held in the palace of the "" to get to tiananmen from shikumen Shanghai art exhibition" opening have close to 700000 people.According to statistics, five municipal art gallery exhibition 19 games, to attract audience of more than 86000 people.A lot of family exhibition audience during the holiday season.(reporter Zhong Han)
Medical personnel hold position
Holiday this millions
Shanghai health development planning commission yesterday came news: reform movement of the New Year, the city's medical staff at work, for citizens to celebrate the Spring Festival provides effective health care.People to, according to data from the eve of the year, 76000 medical staff 990000 for citizens to provide medical services.After a long holiday, office workers and students easy to produce fatigue, lethargy, sleep disorders, loss of appetite, upset and other symptoms.The doctor suggested, early to bed and early to rise, adjust the clock;Increase the movement, to adapt to the normal work to learn the rhythm.