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d01026440score:5.0 / 52024-02-05
The hotel environment is good, very close to the Bund. Good service attitude. I used the computer to send e-mails because of emergencies. I was satisfied with the service and didn't charge any fees. I was very satisfied. I'll stay next time. recommend
Sun Weiscore:5.0 / 52024-01-23
Very good. It's quiet at night. It's by the river. It's clean and hygienic
ai Naturescore:4.5 / 52024-01-21
The geographical location is good, the environment is OK, and the restaurant dishes are also OK, mainly because you can see Lujiazui in Pudong opposite! Of course, the whole river view room is OK!
ll_41score:3.0 / 52024-01-03
Business trip, hotel is in order
Jeny1365score:2.8 / 52023-12-26
The front desk service of the hotel is not satisfactory. It is chaotic when checking in and out, and the guests who are not in line check out first
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