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blaumeerscore:5.0 / 52022-01-17
Very good and comfortable. I will choose Jiangjing house next time
bugulscore:5.0 / 52022-01-15
The hotel is very good, clean and hygienic. The location is also very good. I recommend it
leosneyscore:4.0 / 52022-01-13
The transportation is convenient. The bed is too small. The big bed room should be equipped with 1.8 at least
oyandxdscore:3.5 / 52022-01-12
The reservation is a luxury room with city view. The label shows that extra beds can be added. I thought the room would be larger. When I checked in, I found that the room is really small. I really don't feel luxurious. The quilt still has a strange smell. The front desk service is not good. I asked about the details of adding beds. I was impatient immediately and said she didn't know anything. What role did you play at the front desk?!
connie404score:1.0 / 52022-01-12
As a five-star hotel, I don't even have a bathtub. It's too much to borrow an umbrella and press the room card on the front desk. I hope you won't stay in this hotel in the future. The slippers in the room broke after wearing them for a while.
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